Making progress.

Hey peeps, here’s a peek at what we’re doing right now. Our crusty, cracked, peeling paint is getting scraped off and and getting covered up by this bit of gorgeousness. We’re smitten.


More exterior (and long overdue interior) pics coming when this beast of a project is over.

Bathroom renovation almost done

Oh hi. We’ve been chipping away at our house little by little, and we’re 3/4 done. Thought we’d pop in and show a room we’re almost done with: the downstairs bathroom / laundry room.


Here’s the mirror we made a while ago.


Above the mirror are some pendant lights Bradley made:


We got the glass domes from an auction, $10 for a huge box of different shapes. The rest of the materials were ordered online.


We found this square sink and faucet set on The subway tile (which we’re grouting tonight) is from Home Depot. And the butcher block counter top is salvaged. We built a floating cabinet that’s under the counter, but haven’t made doors for it yet.

We built a shower; tiled it and everything:


The frameless shower door is another find. The wood paneling on the outside is salvaged Dutch wall panels from the 1960s.

We’re working out butts off and being lazy about blogging, but we’ll try to post some iPhone photos along the way in case anyone’s still following along!

Radiator covers

8am on a holiday and I’m sanding and painting radiator covers. I’ve turned into a monster. Bradley and I have been crazy busy working in the hallway and both bathrooms and we owe you guys a serious update. We’ll tidy the place up, take some pics and be back soon. In the meantime, I’ve got a couple of radiator covers to sand…


We are not dead.

We haven’t split up. And we haven’t given up working on the house either. Quite the opposite. We’re done with the living room, made a few pieces of custom furniture, and started work on the half bath / laundry room…the inside AND outside!

The reason we haven’t posted in a while is because we’ve been crazy-busy with life. In order to make time for the stuff we need to get done, we have to give up a few things. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end is usually the first thing we’re willing to give up. Plus we haven’t had the time or energy to sit down and sort through hundreds of photos and then write something.

Don’t worry though. We’ll be back to posting soon enough. We’ll skip the overwhelming task of catching up and just jump right in with how our house looks these days.

Sorry for keeping everyone hanging. We’re almost ready for our triumphant return.

Concrete Sinks

Hey peeps, just a quickie post to show you something Bradley’s been experimenting with at the shop:


Concrete sinks!

This is his first stab at making a sink from a mold, and it’s been a huge success so far. If all goes as planned, we’ll have a couple of these in our bathrooms. Maybe even one in our kitchen. And we might even make a few extra for sale if anyone’s interested.

Beats the crap out of a standard Lowe’s sink, amirite?

A Tree Grows In Our Sewer

Our plan for the day: finish off some built-in cabinets for the dining room and office.
Our reality for the day: plumb the eff out of our sewer line.

Turns out our old cast iron sewer line has eroded over the years and some tree roots finally managed to dig right through them. These are the joys of owning a 130-year-old home — sh*t happens.

Long (and gross) story short: we’ve got a smelly situation on our hands. Mostly all over Bradley’s hands. This city girl does not do anything with the word “sewer” in it.

We’ll be back soon with all the details of those built-ins. In the meantime, here are some lessons we’ve learned from our very interesting weekend:

- Invest in a good pair of waders. Bradley has some industrial ones he picked up during last year’s flood. I have some cute fashiony ones that look great while stomping in puddles.
– If it’s yellow, let it mellow. For all other, uh, situations…drive to the nearest chain store. They always have bathrooms. (Thanks, Dunkin Donuts!)
– Offering your plumber a Snickers bar while he’s ankle deep in nasty — highly recommended.

Making Furniture From Found Materials

Some time ago, we found this old piece of barn wood:

And it made our hearts sing.

The aged grey tone. The weathered and worn grain. But most of all, the realization that this piece of wood is completely one of a kind. Nowhere on this planet is there another piece of wood that’s exactly like this one. Not even this other piece of barn wood we found to go with it:

Each piece is a unique thumbprint.

They’re so different, but close enough in look and feel that we were inspired to make a set of nightstands for our guest bedroom.

Here’s a rough mockup Bradley did on the back of a piece of MDF while working on another project:

The nightstand will be a basic white box, no back, sitting on four little legs, with one drawer set into it. The drawer will be made from the raw piece of barn wood. The rough sketch above shows a handle, but we’ve decided not to have hardware. Instead, we’ll make a little cutout in the face so you can pull out the drawer with a finger. That will help keep the focus on the gorgeous wood face with no distracting hardware.

The juxtaposition between clean white cabinet and raw, grungy drawer face will — there’s really no other way to say this — look mad hot. We love the way clean elements look when contrasted with raw elements. It’s a look we’re trying to carry throughout the house with our brick walls and rafters butted right up to our textureless walls and trimless windows. We think the nightstands will fit right in.

That’s our plan, man. What do you think? We’ll share the step-by-step instructions for DIYing a set of nightstands in a couple of weeks. We can’t wait. We’ve been stashing all of our bedside stuff in trays on the floor…for the past year.

It’s getting old fast.