And then we came to the end.

Well, this is awkward. We pretty much abandoned this blog, huh? For every one of the hundreds (literally hundreds) of comments & emails we received, we felt exactly 30.25 seconds of gut-wrenching guilt. It added up to a whole lot of guilt overall.

Many of you are wondering if we died in some horrible accident involving a rogue belt sander or whether our relationship survived the renovation. Don’t fret, peeps, we are still alive and happily married. And just about 2 weeks ago — squee!! — we finished the house renovation. FINISHED. As in, put away the toolbox, let’s sit on the couch and do nothing all weekend because we are 100% completely and truly, OMG FINALLY!!! finished.

I’ve updated the before & after photos. You can check them out on the House Tour page.

Our last post was in 2013 (ugh) and we’ve clearly been busy ever since. Here’s a quick recap of what’s happened since then.

2013: Year of the Suck
It was an awful, awful year. Bradley’s grandma passed away. Then our beloved geriatric pup, Jabba, who can been seen lazing around in many of our renovation photos passed away. And to make things even worse, I felt “stuck” in the worst job I’ve ever had in my entire life. It was a crappy winter. We didn’t get to travel or surf much. Everything that could go wrong DID go wrong. 2013 was a nightmare. Luckily, in December I scored a new job and was able to take the entire month off to spend with Jabba.

2014: Fresh Start
I started a new job with a rad boss. We adopted a new pup. Bradley took a couple of months off work to finish off the kitchen & put a new roof on the house. 2013 had been so lame that we decided not to blog much and instead use the time to do fun stuff like rock climbing and roadtripping and making new friends. And as the year came to an end, we hustled to finish up the house because….

2015: Peace Out Pennsylvania!
We just put the house on the market. Deep breath. Yes. We just spent 3 years and 10 months renovating a house and, yeah, we’re gonna sell it and walk away from allllll the fabulousness. This is a decision that a lot of people will not understand and that’s OK. It’s a very “us” thing to do, and none of our family or closest friends batted an eyelash about it.

If you’re the type of person who has to leave a comment telling us we’re crazy for leaving this house behind, save your breath. Quite frankly, we’ve heard it all before and we don’t care for the negative tone. Here’s the thing: Central Pennsylvania is green and hilly and quaint….but it’s not for us. We miss some aspects of city life — not the ridiculous rents or smelly subways, but we miss being surrounded by likeminded, creative people and having date night options that aren’t Red Robin or Olive Garden. We miss hopping in the car and driving to a beach in 40 minutes. We miss good coffee shops, Peruvian food and meeting people who understand our love of both of those things.

…also we got this house for supercheap since it was hideous and dilapidated and we’re selling it for a killer profit, so there’s that.

What’s the next adventure? We’re quitting our jobs, dusting off our passports and going on a 6 month surf trip on the other side of the planet. After that, we’re moving to a small, sunny city where we can live within 20 minutes of a beach. We’ll starting our own modern furniture & interior design company. And, because we enjoy renovating so much — we’ll probably buy some dilapidated property to rescue and rent out. But first, we’ll surf :)

To everyone who read our blog and supported us on this project, huge, huge thank you! We’ll be back to post details of our new company once it’s up & running. You can follow us on Instagram @leenahw and @bradleyrosga

xoxo Bradley & Leena

Making progress.

Hey peeps, here’s a peek at what we’re doing right now. Our crusty, cracked, peeling paint is getting scraped off and and getting covered up by this bit of gorgeousness. We’re smitten.


More exterior (and long overdue interior) pics coming when this beast of a project is over.

Bathroom renovation almost done

Oh hi. We’ve been chipping away at our house little by little, and we’re 3/4 done. Thought we’d pop in and show a room we’re almost done with: the downstairs bathroom / laundry room.


Here’s the mirror we made a while ago.


Above the mirror are some pendant lights Bradley made:


We got the glass domes from an auction, $10 for a huge box of different shapes. The rest of the materials were ordered online.


We found this square sink and faucet set on The subway tile (which we’re grouting tonight) is from Home Depot. And the butcher block counter top is salvaged. We built a floating cabinet that’s under the counter, but haven’t made doors for it yet.

We built a shower; tiled it and everything:


The frameless shower door is another find. The wood paneling on the outside is salvaged Dutch wall panels from the 1960s.

We’re working out butts off and being lazy about blogging, but we’ll try to post some iPhone photos along the way in case anyone’s still following along!

Radiator covers

8am on a holiday and I’m sanding and painting radiator covers. I’ve turned into a monster. Bradley and I have been crazy busy working in the hallway and both bathrooms and we owe you guys a serious update. We’ll tidy the place up, take some pics and be back soon. In the meantime, I’ve got a couple of radiator covers to sand…


We are not dead.

We haven’t split up. And we haven’t given up working on the house either. Quite the opposite. We’re done with the living room, made a few pieces of custom furniture, and started work on the half bath / laundry room…the inside AND outside!

The reason we haven’t posted in a while is because we’ve been crazy-busy with life. In order to make time for the stuff we need to get done, we have to give up a few things. Sitting in front of a computer for hours on end is usually the first thing we’re willing to give up. Plus we haven’t had the time or energy to sit down and sort through hundreds of photos and then write something.

Don’t worry though. We’ll be back to posting soon enough. We’ll skip the overwhelming task of catching up and just jump right in with how our house looks these days.

Sorry for keeping everyone hanging. We’re almost ready for our triumphant return.

Concrete Sinks

Hey peeps, just a quickie post to show you something Bradley’s been experimenting with at the shop:


Concrete sinks!

This is his first stab at making a sink from a mold, and it’s been a huge success so far. If all goes as planned, we’ll have a couple of these in our bathrooms. Maybe even one in our kitchen. And we might even make a few extra for sale if anyone’s interested.

Beats the crap out of a standard Lowe’s sink, amirite?

A Tree Grows In Our Sewer

Our plan for the day: finish off some built-in cabinets for the dining room and office.
Our reality for the day: plumb the eff out of our sewer line.

Turns out our old cast iron sewer line has eroded over the years and some tree roots finally managed to dig right through them. These are the joys of owning a 130-year-old home — sh*t happens.

Long (and gross) story short: we’ve got a smelly situation on our hands. Mostly all over Bradley’s hands. This city girl does not do anything with the word “sewer” in it.

We’ll be back soon with all the details of those built-ins. In the meantime, here are some lessons we’ve learned from our very interesting weekend:

– Invest in a good pair of waders. Bradley has some industrial ones he picked up during last year’s flood. I have some cute fashiony ones that look great while stomping in puddles.
– If it’s yellow, let it mellow. For all other, uh, situations…drive to the nearest chain store. They always have bathrooms. (Thanks, Dunkin Donuts!)
– Offering your plumber a Snickers bar while he’s ankle deep in nasty — highly recommended.